What Should We Do When We Feel Behind in Life?

23 Mayıs 2020

Although I was determined to post everyday on May on this blog, you sure have noticed I’m struggling. Of course this does not mean I will give up. Then let’s make today’s subject about the days we feel behind in life. What can we do about it and what makes us feel better? Here are my recommendations.

START THE DAY STRONG: Before the fuss about breakfast, give yourself a few calm minutes to review what needs to be done, drink something, listen to some music. In short, instead of running around like a beheaded chicken and before you pick up your phone to invite the outside world to your home, stay in your space and do what’s good for you. In the mean time remember you can start the day over any time in the day. It’s whatever you decide. You’re the rule maker. 😛

3 THINGS: decide on 3 things that if you don’t do that day you will be restless. I’m already doing one right now. Which ones are yours? 🙂

10 THINGS: Even if you woke up in an uneasy mode, for what are your feeling thankful today? I’m thankful for kids who warm up my heart even on a video, pets who always make us smile with their innocence, books, movies and stories which make us forget about the state of the world, our loved ones who accept us as we are and finally the sweet rain which blessed us this morning.

SIMPLIFY: If you have a task which seems very complicated and you can’t seem to start, or a task that looks bigger because of subtasks that accumulated, try to make the task simpler. Divide it in parts and do some of it right away. It2s enough to start somewhere. Usually, when it is a task, we eventually come round to finishing it.

MOVE: I know you’re at home and today you can’t go outside. I know if you wanted to go on Youtube or Instagram there are just too many exercise or yoga videos. Sometimes it’s best to go on with our own muscle memory. Just march wherever you’re standing, jump up and down, do some stuff as you recall from your gym classes or just do a few simple stretches, or just dance a little. What’s important is to let yourself be the lead of the movements. Let your body show you what it needs. Even jumping on your bed or rolling over on the carpets is acceptable.!

DO WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR 1 HOUR: This may not sound smart since you’re left behind but give yourself 1 hour of free time to do whatever you want. Set an alarm and lie down if you want to, read or listen to some music, call someone you love. we are more productive when we’re happy. As for me when I’m happy, I’m capable of finishing something in half and hour but when I’m unhappy the same thing takes me 3 hours. Are you like this as well? Yes, this 1 hour is yours to enjoy. Because you’re worth it. 🙂

REMEMBER THE THINGS THAT MATTER: You may be behind schedule. You may have broken your diet. Things may not be going well. Everything changes, everything van always get better. And if it’s not getting better, it’s because it should be that way. We, human beings learn by repetition. Remember that your worth doesn’t depend on your success. Stop being your own success police. Then you will start to enjoy things more believe me.

It’s your turn, do you have any plans where you feel you’re behind? What are you doing to compensate? Did any of the options I stated below sound doable to you? Please share with me in the comments below.

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