The Joy of Being Bored

20 Mayıs 2020

The other day, after I finished my meditation, I took the mattress I was sitting on, lied down and placed it under my head. For a while I just watched the morning breeze that was moving the curtains. I had no idea what I was going to do or what I wanted to do after I got up. Should I be sad about this? I watched the ceiling for a while. I opened my arms to my sides and closed my eyes. I might have had a nap. 🙂

I have no idea how long this went on for but this was something I haven’t done for ages. This reminded me how I used to let myself get bored when I was a kid. Why do we feel uneasy when we are bored? I think boredom sparks our creativity and lets new ideas flow to our consciousness. What benefit can wandering around and doing nothing can do you? So many. I have had some of my greatest ideas come to me after getting really bored.

These days getting bored is not easy because of smart phones. The minute we grab them they open many doors to many new worlds. The art of getting completely bored is to put aside your smartphone, tv, tablet, pc and all technological gadgets you possess. Don’t meditate, don’t do yoga, don’t listen to music, don’T sing. Just lie down and experience boredom. Just as we used to do when we were kids. Don’t eat or talk to someone. Stay by yourself without any purpose or agenda.

Some of you might ask how to understand if you’re bored, I mean how can you understand if this experiment is working? Don’t confuse boredom with relaxation. When you do nothing and there are no distractions our minds get on a different mode. Ideas start to flow and we find solutions (or remember them) that we couldn’t find before. We feel charged like a battery, at least I did and I also remembered how I used to feel that way when I was bored.

In these lockdown days while we’re spending more time than ever at home, did you feel bored? Did you experience that boredom can be beneficial like I did? Or is boredom a negative thing for you? Please share what you think with me in the comments.


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