How Well Do You Know Yourself?

16 Mayıs 2020

Whenever I attend a seminar or training where I have to get up and talk about myself I get incredibly stressed. I get so stressed while waiting for my turn that I wish something happens and I can run away. 🙂 How well do we know ourselves really? Why do many people just blank out when you ask them “what do you want in life? What reply can we give -other than the one we memorized- to the question, “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” What response do we feel like giving at a job interview, to the question “what are your personality traits” other than helpful, positive and solution oriented.Knowing yourself enables better expression of self and that helps with communication. Are you up to answering some questions to get to know yourself better?

1-What is my ideal self like?: What kind of a person do I imagine to be? Who do I look at and want to become more like, or what characteristics of theirs make me want to be more like them? What personality traits does my ideal self have? For instance my ideal self is more disciplined, organized and determined. Defining these characteristics will give you something to work towards. Don’t feel hopeless. None of us are perfect and we don’t need to be. Even if we succeed in becoming our best self from time to time, it would still be pretty great, wouldn’t it?

2-What is my biggest dream?: We all have dreams but most of us don’t really care about them. Actually this is a very important question. Let’s rephrase it, what is the one thing you don’t wanna die before doing. What would mean world to you if you achieved it. When you’re thinking about your dreams, put aside what others would think or say, or being useful to other people. What did you always dream of? Discovering your biggest dream is a great way to know yourself better.

3-What is stopping me from reaching this dream?: If you had difficulty answering the second question maybe it’s because of the answer of this one. What stands between you and your biggest dream is usually our perfectionist, realistic, skeptical side and sometimes its our family, responsibilities and famine consciousness. Whatever they are for you, write these obstacles down and think about how you can overcome them and who you can ask help from. A dream is worth devoting a life for so there is no rush. You don’t have to sell everything today and hit the road. Start with a small step but start today.

4- What are the most important things in life for me?: This question is for defining your values. What is important to you; is it honesty, sincerity, openness? Check if you are living up to these or just expecting them from others? Sometimes what we care about changes with time so don’t make this list according to how you think you felt but according to how you feel right now.

5- What are my best qualities?: You can start by thinking about your strengths. Then you can add your qualities which don’t necessarily look like strengths but you like. Actually all the qualities you like are your strengths. Remember that there is only one of you. There are absolutely wonderful things you can give the world. Remember that you can make a difference and work for it. Maybe you will make a difference for only 1 person and that’s enough.

6-What are my features that I dislike the most?: What are the emotions and features that leave you behind in life? For example, I have left many thinks halfway. I couldn’t finish them. It’s a subject I have been working on. Which is yours? For many of us, it’s fear which comes in our factory settings. 🙂 This brings us to the next question.

7-What is my biggest fear?: Our thoughts have a power that we are not aware of. The first and easiest way to change something is to change something is to change our thoughts about it. As I mentioned in my previous blog posts, you should question your negative thoughts. Your mind will always be inclined to produce negative thoughts and fears. On the other hand, instead of accepting these immediately, question them. Is this fear rational? Is your negative opinion based on reality? There is also this, our thoughts are very strong and the thoughts we focus on constantly determine our reality. If you  always think you’ll fall, you will fall. Instead of fear, notice and question your negative and fearful thoughts. Then set them free. If you fill your mind with good thoughts, there is no room for these delusions.

8-What would I do if I didn’t need to make money?: This is a critical question. What would I do if I had enough money to last me a lifetime? You’ll tell me why should do anything if I have money. But believe me after a while you would be bored and will want to do something. What will you do? This is one of the most important questions on this list and requires you to think for some time. When you think of what you would do, ask yourself, why aren’t you doing it? Then go back to number 3.

9- What are the things I want to remove from my life and to add to my life?: Let me answer, I want to remove anxiety and I want to add more moments to feel the nature. Therefore, I will definitely take some steps after quarantine. When it comes to anxiety it is very useful to question my feelings and thoughts that I have already been working on.

Dear reader, isn’t knowing yourself a great way of understanding yourself? I hope that you can find some time to search for answers these questions. I hope that the answers you find will get you moving.


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