5 Movie Recommendations That Will Get You Back On Your Feet

11 Mayıs 2020

Life would really be unbearable without cinema. Especially in quarantine days, we have watched more movies than we ever watched and we are still watching. Today I will briefly tell you about 5 movies that I watch when I’m feeling down. I’m sure if you get to watch them they will make you feel better too.

Billy Elliot: This one actually was a musical before it was made into a movie. Billy is an 11 year old British boy whose father and brother work in a mine and his mom is dead and he lives with his, dad, brother and grandmother. One day during his boxing lesson, he sees ballet students in the gym and he’s very interested. The story is set in 1984 so it’s unusual for boys to do ballet. Billy Elliot is one of those movies that touch your heart. It doesn’t make you cry don’t get me wrong but you root for Billy you want him to do well and you get nervous. This movie is about love; for family, for passion, friends and even for oneself. When it’s over,  your tank will be full again.

Howl’s Moving Castle: This is an animated movie directed by the famous Hayao Miyazaki. It’s about a girl called Sophie who falls under an evil spell that affects her and she sets on a journey. On the road she comes across Howl’s castle and starts working for him as a maid. The soundtrack will haunt you for days, it’s so beautiful. As Sophie discovers herself you will fall in love with everything, especially Howl. 🙂 I recommend the English voiceover because the cast is incredible. Christian Bale is Howl, Emily Mortimer is Sophie and Billy Crystal is Calcifer. One of the important themes of the movie is getting old and the movie’s approach is so compassionate. I must add the movie is adapted from a book and visually it’s incredible.

Rocky: The movie that started it all. This is the one I keep on the shelf for the worst days. It serves as a “restart” button for me. The movie that won Sylvester Stallone an Oscar for best script. It is not the best because of the fight scenes or the training sequences although they’re cool too. What I love is the honest and realistic portrayal of the vulnerability of all the characters. Also the soundtrack by Bill Conti is flawless. If you don’t feel much better after watching this, you might consider theraphy. 🙂

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: A group of British retirees book a vacation at a 5 star hotel in India. The hotel doesn’t turn out the way they expected. This is one of the sweetest movies I’ve ever seen and it’s packed with famous British actors and actresses; Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Celia Imrie. Also Dev Patel is very cute as the young receptionist. If you’re missing elders of the family in quarantine days this might be your movie. It’s not an ambitious movie but it’s IMDB rating is 7.2. It’s a simple feel good movie which is funny and cute.

Sideways: This movie was made in 2004 and it’s a road movie and it’s a wine movie. It’s about 2 guys who are friends. One of them is about to get married and the other is a writer with no success, and they decide to go on a short trip during which they will do some wine tasting. It’s not a comedy but it’s very funny on some parts. The movie leaves you with hope about trying again. The acting is great especially Paul Giamatti, I’ve been keeping an eye on him ever since. The movie leaves you wanting to plan your own road trip and also to open a bottle of wine.

We’re at the end of my short list. I could not put them in the list but I’d like to mention Harry Potter and Lord Of the Rings movies as well because I watch them over and over. Tell me which movie do you keep getting back to, to feel better?

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