Let’s Do Some Energy Cleaning!

9 Mayıs 2020

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You know the feeling. There is no apparent reason (or you’re not aware) and suddenly you feel your energy drop. You don’t know how to deal with it as you do not understand where this emotion comes from.

Now I will tell you about the energy cleaning methods that work on me. Today’s blog post is not for those who want to look at things scientifically . I think, especially in these days that we must stay at home, it is crucial to keep the energy in our homes clean. If you’re not keen on this kind of work keep applying the methods that work for you to feel better. Do whatever is best for you, we all carry our healing inside.

1-Open All The Windows: Ventilate the house or your place properly. Sounds simple, right? But sometimes we cannot think of it. Invite plenty of oxygen into your home. Ignore your mother who says you will get struck by an air current.

2-Take a Warm Shower: A warm shower with a fragrant soap or a shower gel will get you clean physically and also help you clean your energy. Do not forget to wash all parts of your body including your feet with love and attention. While you are washing yourself, imagining, that you’re also washing away negative energies that may have been hanging on to you, will increase the effect of this ritual.

3-Cleansing with Sound: A great way to clean negative vibration patterns is cleaning with sound. If the area you want to cleanse is your home, you can walk around the house clapping. A bell if you have one can be useful as well, but clapping is just fine too. You can also try hitting a pan with a spatula as if you’re protesting something or you can put some dry chickpeas in a plastic bottle and shake it. I think that also music is a great tool to clean energy. You can listen to an uplifting song but make sure the volume is up because it should reach every corner. Either you choose clapping or music, while making sound, imagine all the negative energy leaving and being replaced instantly with a beautiful and loving energy.

4-Say a Mantra or Sing a Song: If you have worked with mantras before, I suggest the OM mantra. If mantras are not for you can try singing. You can sing your favorite song out loud or you can say some encouraging affirmations as if you’re singing them to yourself.

5-Pray: Pray to whatever you believe in. The important thing is asking for support from a force bigger than us. Tell him/her whatever it is that makes you feel depressed. You don’t need to say it out loud, know that he/she hears you. Ask to feel better. If some feeling arise(like crying) let it be, ask his/her hand to handle these emotions. Finish your prayer in gratitude knowing it is accepted.

6-Burn Sage: Incence your house with smoke from dried sage leaves. It may sound like superstition but I can guarantee that it is a 100% successful method. At least in our house. 🙂

7- Dance dance dance: Not like you’re on the dance floor, try stomping, shaking your arms and hands, banging your head as if you’re in a heavy metal concert. After doing this for a while you can start dancing normally – whatever that means to you.

8- Breathe: If you have worked with a transformational breathing coach like myself  you should know how to do the 100 breaths / joy breathing which takes about 10 minutes to do. I suggest you do it every morning to clean your energy before you start the day.  If you haven’t experienced transformational breathing before, you can try the 4-7-8 breath that I used to do. Empty your lungs, breathe for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. Do this at least 4 times.

9-Visual Meditation: After the breathing exercise on number 8 which you should do eyes closed, sit while you keep breathing, concentrating on your heartbeat. After that imagine a yellow light coming out of your heart and filling your whole body. Then imagine this light traveling room to room around your house. Don’t rush, make sure you cleanse with a strength coming from you internally. If you wish, when you finish cleaning your house’s energy you can clean also the surroundings like the whole street. Somehow I always end up doing that. 🙂 When you finish open your eyes.

How did it feel to talk about energy cleaning on this beautiful spring day? Which methods did you feel more manageable? Which methods have you already tried? Let me know in the comments.

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