What Advice My Younger Self Would Give Me?

4 Mayıs 2020

Would you “take” advice from your younger self? It’s usually the opposite right? I see so many articles themed, “advice I would give my younger self”. Really? What’s the use? My younger self already moved on and probably wouldn’t take it anyway! Wouldn’t it be better to get advice from my younger self?

The best part of holding on to some things from the past is seeing how you were back then. This is useful as the human memory is not reliable. We are inclined to remember things not as how they were but as how we think they were. Just the other day I went through some old poetry books I had when I was a student and re-read some parts I had underlined and some notes I had taken. I was into literature like today but in a different way, I was more vulnerable, I was very emotional.
So today I am going to remember how I was and I’m going to channel that girl and I will let her give some advice to this woman that I’m today. I’m going to let her to take the lead and let her decide. She has been quiet all these years letting me take the shots. Let’s see what she prescribes to me. Just a note for you dear reader, when I was 18 there was no social media because it was the year 1998.
18 year old girl taking over from this part on and here’s some advice I can give you looking at the life you lead.
– When quarantine is over you should keep taking long walks every day as you used to. Nothing opens up the mind like a long walk.
– It’s okay to be an introvert. Your friends get you. It’s actually pretty cool – to me at least. 🙂
– Remember those who are not brave can’t fall in love. Be brave. A broken heart is the best inspiration to write.
– Real appetite should be for art, for music, for poetry and books and not for food. Spend less on food and make up, more on books and art.
– You must read poetry every single day because it feeds the soul but please stick to the good ones. If it’s shitty don’t force yourself to read it.
– You have great friends (I’m actually not seeing a lot of change here hahah) you must show them you love them more, saying it is not enough.
– Your work is your life so do something you are really really proud of. Let it be something you would do even if they didn’t pay you. But make sure they pay you because we need more books.
– Watch more arthouse movies less Netflix please.
– When you write, be more bold, practice makes perfect, try again and again. If people don’t like it at first write again. Be resilient.
Thank you my 18 year old self. Wow that felt good, channeling my 18 year old self. That is some solid advice which I’m going to implement in my life immediately. Maybe I should also cut my hair shorter and dye it red? Maybe not!

Tell me if you had the privilege of having a conversation with your 18 year old self, what advice would he/she give you? Would you take it? I leave you with a song from my youth but this shit never gets old and so do I.


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