Everyday May Is Here! #daybymay

30 Nisan 2020

My favorite month is here. For those who don’t know it, this is my birth month. First of all I’d like to address the fact that this is the first English post on my blog. It was not intended to make this a bilingual blog but here we are, because I want my friends who don’t speak Turkish to get to read my thoughts as well. So if this English post is looking a bit strange here among all the Turkish stuff I write, so be it.

The last 45 days were not easy on anyone. My heart goes out to the lives that were lost, the ones that got sick and the ones that were damaged financially and/or emotionally. For me it was not an easy period not just because of the lockdown or my financial worries but also because of my emotions and unattended issues that surfaced.

At a first glance this time we had at home did not let us gain anything but extra weight but when I look at it from a different perspective, I can see that there’s still so much to share. There is so much I have learned and still learning and it’s still worth sharing with others because I know I’m not alone feeling these things.

This is why I have decided to attempt this challende of 30 days. One blog post per day during the month of May. I am grateful for my friends who inspire me and support my writing. So writing everyday is my habit I’m attempting to build. Do you have any positive habits you are trying to build these days? Would you like join me this May?

Let me know in the comments if there is any subject matter close to your heart which you would like me to cover this month.


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