About Strawberries and Curiosity

20 Mayıs 2020

Do you know what I’m thinking of while I’m biting into a fresh and juicy strawberry in my hand right now? May is a wonderful month and I’m not saying it just because I was born in May 🙂 Strawberries come out in May too!

As I look at the strawberry in my hand, I can’t help but wonder, I know so little about it. I am trying to compensate this shame with a quick Google search and look what I find. It was in the 18th century that the strawberry we love today was grown in gardens. The first strawberry garden was established in the Brittany region in France. Before that strawberries were a wild species and were picked from the forest. The strawberries that we eat today are actually made by crossing the original strawberry. The original is said to be much smaller and tastier. I have never eaten wild strawberries but I’m sure they are delicious.

If we come to the symbolic meanings of the strawberry, the strawberry symbolizes  Venus; the goddess of love and beauty  in Roman mythology. The reason for this was the red color and the shape of a heart. You know Venus is also mentioned as Aphrodite in Greek mythology.

In medieval Christian art and folklore, strawberries symbolized spiritual purity, morality, righteousness and the perfect nobility of the soul. It is even believed  to symbolize the Trinity because the leaves of the strawberry plant are trifoliate. Look at all we found out about strawberries just with a simple Google search. Moreover, I will send you off with a wonderful story.

“There was once a woman walking on the path beside the jungle. Suddenly, a tiger jumped out, snarling, and the woman ran, terrified for her life. The tiger gave chase, and just as it was about to catch her, she came to a cliff. Without thinking, she jumped off the cliff and grabbed onto a vine, just beyond the reach of the tiger. Hoping to escape, she looked down, and there, to her horror she saw yet another tiger, snarling in the ravine beneath her. There was no escape.

Her predicament worsened when tow mice – one white and one black – climbed onto the vine above her head and began to chew through it. It was only a matter of time before they severed her lifeline and sent her plummeting to the tiger below. Then the woman took her eyes off the mice and the tigers, closed her eyes, and slowly settled. s she did this, she came to herself. And when she opened her eyes she saw beautiful, ripe strawberries on the cliff right in front of her. So she plucked those strawberries and ate them and how sweet they were. ” (From the book The Forgotten Way by Ted Dekker)

The artiche where I came across this little story explained what the tigers, the mice, the vine and the strawberries all symbolize but I leave it to your imagination. Enjoy all the strawberries you will eat during May and during your life. Remember to stay curious, even a thing as simple as a strawberry can introduce you to knowledge and an inspiring story. After all that I found out, I think I now love strawberries even more. <3


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