3 Important Lesson I Learned From My Mother

10 Mayıs 2020

My mother’s day blog post is late, but dear reader, I spent the day serving her as much as I can, which is how it should normally be every day. I am amazed by how little our mothers expect from us. Today’s blog post will be late for Mother’s Day but it’s OK, it’s not fresh milk, it won’t get bad 🙂

Today’s blog post is intended mostly for my own mother to show her how I’m inspired by her. Here are 3 important lessons she has taught me.

1-Loving Unconditionally: We all love people. We all try to express and show our love. To understand the value of a mother’s love, you have to grow up. That is when you understand how our mothers love us unconditionally. For every mother, her child is the most valuable thing in the world. Whatever he/she does, however he/she looks, whatever he/she says. Even when the son/daughter doesn’t treat the mother right, he/she is still her child. My mother is a perfect example of this. Throughout my life I grew up with the confidence that my mother would love me unconditionally. I know there are children deprived of this feeling. So I am thankful for my own mother every day. I try to love unconditionally because that’s how she has taught us.

2-Being Solution Oriented: Our first role models are our parents. One of the most important things I learned from my Mom is to focus on finding a solution by not giving up when I encounter a problem. I always appreciated that she looked for a solution and progressed, rather than playing a victim role in the face of difficulties in life. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Thank you Mom for teaching this to me.

3-Being Compassionate: It is very important to have compassion for all living things in life. To help those who are in a more difficult situation, to not discriminate people, to support those who are in difficulty are the things I have learned from my mother. During my life I have seen that he who shows mercy also gets more mercy. Good thing you taught me that mom.

I learned a lot more from my mother and I am grateful for all of them. I believe that even someone who never knew their mother, or lost theri mother can be in contact with their mother’s soul and can learn something from her. So what are the most important lessons you learned from your mother. Would you like to share in the comments?


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