Give Yourself The Best Gift

6 Mayıs 2020

Today is my birthday. Years ago, when I thought what this day would look like I must say I could never imagine it would be like this. It turned out pretty great and I’m always counting my blessings no matter what.

As my birthday was approaching and since I’m posting every day this month, I really thought what my birthday blog should be about. In the end I decided my birthday blog should come as present from me to me and to you as well.

So what would I want as a present? I decided in these days of uncertainty I want to hear some encouraging words and ideas. So since I’m turning 40 today, let’s half it (otherwise this blog post would be too long!) and here are 20 things I would like to remind myself and also to you every day.

1-God has created all creatures perfectly, so accept yourself as you are.
2-When you feel behind in life, remember everything happens in the order that it should. Age is not an obstacle, fear is.
3-You are never ever alone or separated. When you are all alone, you are still connected to the whole universe.
4-Accepting love is as important as giving love, so remember to notice and accept the love you’re given and don’t take it for granted.
5-Never fear change. We don’t always know what’s best for us.
6-When you make people happy and you don’t feel lessened by it keep doing what you’re doing.
7-There is no shame in loving too much, there’s no such thing. Attachment is what corrupts love. So love freely without ownership and you’ll be fine.
8-Always ask yourself what you need. If you can’t provide what you need, question if you really need it.
9-Never underestimate the power of learning. We make mistakes for a reason.
10-If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
11-It’s ok to obsess over things. It’s called passion.
12-Don’t react to people before you clean your own emotional mess. If you’re an emotional mess, first tend to your own needs not to others.
13-When you can’t get what you want, know that something better is on its way.
14-You deserve your space in this world, never back down, always stand tall.
15-When you’re angry with a stranger, remember you’re probably wasting your precious time on something you won’t even remember later.
16-When you’re angry with a loved one, remember communication is everything. Use the language of love and it will be all right.
17-When you’re heartbroken, know that this too shall pass and you will love again. Helping others is the best remedy of a broken heart. So when you can’t take, give.
18-Don’t believe your thoughts but do believe your instincts. Question your thoughts if they feel hurtful. As for your instincts always take them into consideration when you’re making decisions.
19-You are always the most important thing in your life and you always come first.
20-Growing can be painful but it is always rewarding.

I am taking these words to my forties and never looking back. Thank you for reading so far. What are you planning on giving yourself as a birthday present this year, or if you already celebrated yours, what did you give yourself as a present, let me know in the comments.

Ps. The song is a gift for me from myself as well.

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