Moving Beyond Our Bodies

5 Mayıs 2020

Today I want to explore our relationship with our bodies. What if we pay less attention to how our bodies look and more attention to how our bodies feel? Think about it for a minute. When it comes to our bodies we’re all about the visual. We are very aware of how they are being perceived.

Are we as concerned about what goes on inside our bodies? I mean do we really feel the need to check if it’s healthy, if we have no physcical complaints. If we are sick, of course we care because something doesn’t feel right and we are forced to attend to it. However when it seems to be working just fine, we don’t really care.

Let’s try something. Sit down, in a chair or on a cushion on the floor, close your eyes and scan your body from head to toe. To check, instead of touching, use your inner eye. Are your muscles tense, is your neck hurting, is your back in pain trying to keep straight without support, are your shoulders feeling like someone’s compressing them?

When you finish scanning your body, from head to toe, scan back to the top and stop on your third eye area (between your eyes), lock your wandering inner eye here and then at the same time, imagine your body in the form of a wind, circling your whereabouts first slowly and then a bit faster. How did it feel?

This little experiment  was to help you understand how it feels to not have a solid body. Our bodies are our physical form on the face of this earth. How they feel is more important than how they look because how they look does not always reflect their health, but how they feel always does. Me and you and everyone else on this planet, we may want to be fit and beautiful but let’s not forget if the body is not feeling well it most certainly can’t look good.

If  how our bodies look is less important than how they feel, how can we find balance in our diet and physical activities without feeling superficial? First of all ignoring our current  physical appearance will lift a huge weight off of our shoulders. Let us concentrate on how our bodies really feel. Let us eat listening to our body and eat when we are hungry and not because we are bored. Let us work our bodies to stretch more and to let our juices flow to every part so that they don’t feel tense or swollen.

Finally let’s remember that we are physical beings having a spiritual experience on this world and although we are not immortal physically, spiritually we are connected to something much bigger than we can ever imagine. Let’s free our bodies from shame, fear and judgement and replace these feelings with love.  Whenever you feel worried about something related to your body, sit down, close your eyes and just think of love, give your strength to love and love only. Think of love moving you like a strong wind around your body. You are not your body now, you have become love.  Let love pierce through you like lightning and tear through the fear and the pain. Now open your eyes. Welcome to love, welcome to yourself, you are now, the embodiment of love. Now with every little thing you do, remember you are LOVE and from now on, act upon this and only this.

So as LOVE, what will be the first thing you do today? Let me know in the comments.



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